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Special projects
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The magic of hand blown glass
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Yes, we can make tailored pieces according to specific projects. Tell us your project and let’s evaluate its feasibility.

According to the complexity of your project, we have two options. Both require a prototyping session, where we will analyze the needs, materials, times and costs.  Which of these two fits your project?

1. Pieces of limited size and serial production:

If the size of your product is minor to 40 cms., the prototyping session is to be simpler, since it doesn’t require a large group of artisans. In general, we offer this service for the production of small bottles, specific colored pieces and commercial pieces that will be produced in medium to large quantities. Once we make the tryouts, we will be able to schedule your production. Please check our file of “prototyping session” (In Spanish), here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prices, characteristics and conditions can change depending on your project. Please consult us for more information.

2. Artistic pieces of large dimensions and exigent workmanship (several artisans and a technician).

Would you like to produce a handwash? How about a giant lamp with unique forms or a wall piece with artistic form? We can do it, however this process might require several of our artisans, a technician or even a designer. It will probably involve more time and specific needs, and although we assure you the good quality and results, we need to prepare it ahead of time.
Please contact us for more information and a specific quote.